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The Process:

It all starts with a call! Contact Mosquito Busters with a simple phone call, or send us an email request through our contacts page, and one of our friendly staff members will schedule your free estimate promptly. Your estimate will be conducted by an experienced, licensed, professional who will meet with you at your property, go over how the system works in more detail, and ask questions about your goals for the system to help determine the best solution to fit your needs. The system will be carefully designed, and a detailed estimate will be provided so that you know exactly what to expect.

Installations are scheduled quickly, and in many cases within one week! A typical system takes about a day to install. At the end of the installation, one of our technicians will go over it with you, show you how to use the remote control, and answer any additional questions that you may have. You will also get a follow up call and visit by one of our managers to see how it is working for you. This can be the critical step that many companies overlook, but at Mosquito Busters we know how important this is. Every yard and mosquito problem is different, and sometimes adjustments to the system are needed to achieve maximum results.

It then continues with regularly scheduled visits to fill and service the system, and we have several different service plan options to choose from. With Mosquito Busters you are never left to fend for yourself, we are always just a phone call away!

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The System:

A Mosquito Misting System consists of a network of misting nozzles carefully positioned to provide coverage around the area to be treated, such as a back yard, courtyard, front entryway, etc. The tubing and nozzles are discreetly installed to blend in with the surroundings and be near invisible, and the reservoir/control unit is placed out of the way, typically near other equipment such as A/C units or pool equipment. The system is set to automatically activate two or three times per day, for approximately 45 to 60 seconds each, during the morning and evening hours when mosquitos are most active. There is also a remote control for additional on demand sprays as needed.

When the system is activated, a fine mist is dispersed throughout the coverage area targeting adult mosquitos. A variety of insecticide and repellant products can be used in the system, with some of the most commonly used products containing Pyrethrins, or Pyrethrum, as the active ingredient.  Pyrethrum is derived from the Chrysanthemum flower and is considered a “low impact” or “minimal risk” insecticide, and has a long history of effective use around the home, pets, agriculture, livestock, etc. Mosquito Busters offers Pyrethrum based products, as well as a variety of other products so that we may customize our service to best fit your specific needs.

After the system is installed and activated you will notice it working right away, with maximum results typically achieved within a few days to a week or two depending on the level of infestation. Once this happens mosquitos will no longer call your yard home, and it’s at that point you wonder why you didn’t do this sooner! From then on the system maintains control by continuing to activate on a daily basis, taking care of any mosquitos that happen to move in from neighboring properties, and of course you have the remote control for on demand use as needed. It’s for these reasons that a mosquito mist system installed by Mosquito Busters is preferred by many over any other method of mosquito control.

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